Travel Insurance for UK Trips can provide travel insurance for holidays within the UK as well as abroad.

Please note: A maximum limit of £1000 applies for Medical Expenses and Repatriation if your trip is within the UK. 

We recommend you buy travel insurance for UK holidays to get the following cover:

Cancellation Cover

Protect your investment against the risk of cancellation due to illness and redundancy.

You can make a claim to recoup your holiday costs if you are forced to cancel your trip for the following reasons: illness or injury, redundancy, your home becomes uninhabitable, requirements of HM Forces, court appearance or jury service.

Please note: Policies purchased on or after 21 August 2020 provide cover for cancellation if you contract COVID-19 before you travel. 

Personal Possessions

Cover for your baggage and possessions whilst you are away.

Travel insurance can provide cover for personal possessions that may be lost, stolen or damaged whilst you are travelling away from home.

Personal Liability Cover

Cover if you are legally liable for accidentally injuring someone or damaging property, including holiday rentals.

You can make a claim to recoup an amount that you are legally liable to pay as a result of an incident caused directly or indirectly by you that results in the following: Injury or illness of any person, loss or damage to property, loss or damage to holiday accommodation.

Terms and conditions apply to all cover, please read the full policy wording for details.

A maximum limit of £1000 applies for medical expenses and repatriation if your trip is within your country of residence. 

Medical & Repatriation

A maximum limit of £1000 applies for Medical Expenses and Repatriation if your trip is within the UK. 

This is because your medical costs will be covered by the NHS. 

All policies from include cover up to £1000 per person for additional travel, accommodation and repatriation costs after a medical emergency in the UK. This can cover the additional costs for you or one other person staying with you or travelling with you where it is deemed medically necessary.

Travel Insurance for UK Residents provides single trip and annual travel insurance for UK residents travelling all over the world.
You must have been resident in the UK for no less than 6 months, have a permanent UK address and be registered with a UK GP.

We can offer individual, couple, family and group travel insurance policies.

Please note.  Our travel insurance will not provide cover if you are travelling against UK Government advice.  Please check the latest advice before you travel.