Travelling abroad for sports events

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People travel overseas to experience the World Cup, the Grand Prix and the Ashes. Watching your favourite footie team or Formula One racer can be combined with a holiday and in some cases brilliant sunshine will be guaranteed so that you can leave the brolly at home!

It's easy to get carried away with the excitement of travelling abroad to support your favourite sport, but remember to plan for your trip like you would for any other holiday. You'll need to organise your travel insurance, vaccinations, flights, accommodation and more.

Travelling abroad can be a great way to experience new sports such as American football or baseball. There are also some truly weird sports out there, including extreme ironing in Japan and elephant polo in India!

So whether you are heading to Monaco or Madrid, Melbourne or Montreal make sure you are well prepared for your trip to make the most of the event.

Gearing up for your trip

  • Buy comprehensive travel insurance to cover your whole trip - offers a range of affordable travel insurance policies
  • Check that your passport hasn't expired and bear in mind that it must be valid for 6 months to visit certain countries
  • Buy your tickets in advance from a reputable source. If you turn up without a ticket they may have sold out
  • Plan how you will get to the event. Are there good public transport links? How much will a taxi cost? Will you need to hire a car?
  • Arrange to arrive at your destination a day or two before the sporting event to give yourself time to acclimatise to your new surroundings
  • If you are going to hire a car, book it well in advance, particularly for big matches as they might sell out quickly. The same goes for accommodation
  • If you are travelling to several matches in one trip, look at the locations on a map and remember to check the scale - it's easy to lose your sense of scale in large countries
  • Take plenty of sunscreen and a hat for sports events in hot countries
  • Thieves take advantage of travellers at sports events - keep an eye on your belongings
  • Take insect repellent along to evening events when bugs are out in force

Attending sports events abroad can be a great way to experience your favourite sport in different surroundings and combine your hobby with a holiday. If you are well prepared and you book things in advance then you are well on the way to making the most of the event.

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