How to dress for your holiday destination

While packing for your holiday have you ever worried about getting a fine from the fashion police? It sounds silly, but that's exactly what's happening in a New Jersey beach town, where you could receive 20,000 USD fines for wearing saggy trousers.

Want to avoid getting into trouble whilst you are away? Here are some things to remember when packing your holiday bags:

Muslim countries

Any woman dressing in a western style while holidaying in a largely Muslim country could stick out like a sore thumb, so it may be best to follow convention and take something to cover your arms and legs as well as your hair if you don't want to receive any unwanted attention when you are outside of your hotel or resort complex.

Religious buildings

You should dress respectfully when visiting any religious buildings. If you are unsure about the rules find out in advance or ask before you enter - for instance, you may need to cover your hair or take off your shoes depending on the religion. The Vatican, for example, has a no-shorts policy, but Rome has very hot summers, so cotton trousers may be your best options.

Restaurants and shops

Many restaurants and shops will require patrons to wear a shirt for the comfort of other customers. When eating, in particular, people would perhaps rather not see your stomach.


If you fancy sunbathing topless or nude make sure you do so in an appropriate place, such as a designated nude beach area. Families may not appreciate your desire to get naked.


While you might not think you need a sweater or raincoat just how sure can you be that the weather will be pleasant all the time? Check the forecast for your holiday destination before you pack, but bear in mind that there's always room for error.

While everybody wants to relax and wear what they want on holiday it's worth remembering the need to be respectful and follow local laws and customs. For help and advice the Foreign Office website is ready to help:

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