10 Ways to Save Money on your Holiday

Saving money on a trip will be the number one concern for many British holidaymakers this summer as difficult economic circumstances continue. From booking fees to car hire the amount people spend on a holiday can be a significant outlay.

However, it is possible to cut the cost of a holiday by following some simple tips. Read on to see ten ways to save money on your holiday this year.

  • 1. Research

It is probably the worst kept secret in the travel industry that holidaymakers can often find cheaper holiday deals browsing online than they can at high street travel agents.

Searching for accommodation, flights or a full holiday package can be time consuming but thorough online research can result in lower overall prices. Buyers are advised to search as many websites as possible to find the best holiday deals before taking the plunge and booking a holiday.

  • 2. When to book

Booking a holiday well in advance can be cheaper due to early booking discounts and special offers. On the other hand, leaving it to the last minute can be a good way to bag a bargain, but this can be a gamble as there is no guarantee there will be a last minute holiday deal that matches the buyer's needs.

It is also worth considering when the holiday will be taking place. Choosing a holiday out of peak season (which is generally the summer months) will be cheaper and taking flights at unsociable hours or on weekdays can also shave some money off the overall cost of a holiday.

  • 3. Children go free

Many travel agents offer special deals for families such as offering free places for children up to the age of 16. Choosing a deal that allows children to travel for free can be a cost-effective option for a family holiday.

The offer will usually offer a free child place for every adult who is travelling and can dramatically reduce the cost of a holiday for a family.

  • 4. Cashback

Booking a holiday online can offer monetary benefits in the form of cashback. There are a number of websites such as Quidco that enable tour operators to offer money back if you book online. The system is simple. Buyers sign up to a cashback website and click through the website before booking a holiday. The travel agent in question will then pay the cashback website commission for the sale and the cashback website will in turn deposit the money into the buyer's account.

  • 5. Choosing the location

Choosing the location of the holiday can have a dramatic effect on the overall cost of a holiday. Some holiday destinations will be in countries with lower cost of living than others and this means holidaymakers will be able to buy more for their money while they are there.

  • 6. Exchange rates

Checking the exchange rate will also help to choose an affordable destination. The exchange rate will determine how much of the local currency can be exchanged for pounds sterling. Where you exchange your money can also have an effect on how much you will receive in the exchange.

Planning ahead will enable you to find a low exchange rate and a commission-free agent. Typically buyers will be able to find more beneficial exchange rates on the high street or online than at airport locations.

  • 7. Travel insurance

Make sure you have travel insurance every time you go away. It protects you from the risk of incurring large medical bills if you fall ill abroad. The few pounds it costs for a travel insurance policy could save you thousands of pounds in medical costs.

To save money, look for family travel insurance policies where children are covered free of charge.

  • 8. Parking

Airport parking can become an expensive aspect of any holiday and if public transport is not an option for travelling to and from an airport it can often be unavoidable.

Book your airport parking in advance to save up to 60% on the price compared with just turning up on the day.

  • 9. Car hire

Car hire is one of the most complained-about aspects of travelling abroad because of the aggressive sales techniques of companies when the car is due to be picked up. To save money it is wise to refuse any excess insurance or equipment such as sat-nav that is offered at the pick-up point.

Holidaymakers should always book car hire in advance and once the car is picked up take photographs to avoid any disagreements over damage to the car once it is returned.

  • 10. Mobile phones

Using a mobile phone abroad can be incredibly expensive. The cost of receiving calls alone can rise to more than £1 per minute while unwanted data charges can often catch people unaware if they do not switch data roaming off before travelling.

The obvious solution is to not take a mobile phone abroad and instead find cheap phone cards. These can be pre-paid and offer lower rates than using a mobile phone.

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