How to go on holiday with friends and not fall out

Travelling abroad with friends can be great fun - you can party till you drop, enjoy great meals out and share the experience of visiting wondrous sights all over the world.

Holidaying with other families can be great too, as you can share babysitting duties and your children will have other kids to play with.

But how do you do all that without falling out?

On holiday with friends

  • Discuss holiday plans when you are all together and remember that you might need to compromise to make everyone happy
  • Take mobile phones so that you can contact each other if you get split up
  • Stay in different rooms, or even different hotels to give each other some space
  • Take it in turns to choose what to do and where to go
  • If you are staying in shared accommodation, such as a villa, make sure everyone pays their share up front
  • If you have children and you are planning a holiday with another family, make sure your kids get on with theirs. Remember that children of similar ages aren't always the best match
  • Chill out - try not to be too regimented with time frames
  • If you have been to a destination before, and your friends haven't, don't brag about it too much! Pretend you have never been there before so that you can share new experiences together. 'Know it alls' can be annoying, especially when you are on holiday!
  • If you travel in big groups, you are more likely to fall out. Travelling in smaller groups will minimise any conflicts of interest

Once you are sure that you are all on the same wavelength and you have chosen a holiday destination that has got something for everyone, then you can concentrate on enjoying your holiday.

Make sure you all have travel insurance before you leave to cover any lost baggage or unexpected medical expenses.

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