How to pack a week's worth of holiday in your hand luggage

Now that many airlines are charging extra fees for carrying your suitcases more and more people are trying to pack everything they can into their hand luggage. Not only does it save you money, after all, but it can also save you time as you don't have to wait to pick up your suitcase. While packing everything you need for a weekend away in your hand luggage might be easy enough, can it really be done for a week-long holiday, or does the smaller space mean you'll inevitable have to leave too much at home?


Passengers are allowed to take one small, transparent, resealable bag filled with their liquids, creams and pastes, which must be 100ml or smaller, but will your hotel provide things like shampoo and shower gel? If so save space and leave your own at home.

Wear your bulkiest clothes

If you must bring a coat with you make sure you wear it, rather than have it take up valuable space in your hand luggage. If it has big pockets you might want to fill them, even if it does make going through airport security a little longer.

Vacuum bags and rolled up clothes

By using vacuum bags you can use all that extra space that would usually just be taken up by air. If you don't have any vacuum bags roll your clothes as tightly as possible instead of folding them. Not only does that save space - it also saves your clothes creases.


Leave the books and music players at home. Thanks to iPads, Kindles and other such tablets providing yourself with hours of entertainment is easier than ever - and all for less space than a magazine!

Make sacrifices

While packing only a piece of hand luggage for a week away might be possible, nobody said it would be easy. So you might have to sacrifice taking that extra pair of shoes. This is the most important tip: be ruthless and take only what you'll need, and you'll be surprised just how easy it is to pack a week's worth of luggage into your carry on.

Travel insurance

And last but not least, make sure you leave room for your travel insurance documents. Travel insurance is vital every time you travel abroad - and you should take your travel insurance documents with you. Your travel insurance documents will contain important details on what to do in the event of a claim such as a medical emergency or if you have your possessions stolen.

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