Replacing a Lost or Stolen Passport on Holiday

The tips below will some useful information to help you organise emergency travel documents and make a claim on your travel insurance if you lose your passport or have your passport stolen when you are abroad.

Every year many thousands of British holiday makers lose their passport or become a victim of crime and have their passports stolen. Last year alone, the Foreign and Commonwealth Office helped over 25,000 British nationals who had their passport lost or stolen.

The FCO can help by issuing replacement travel documentation to enable you to travel home, but this is not a free service - your travel insurance may be able to help cover the cost.

What to do if your passport is lost or stolen:

  • Report the loss or theft of your passport to the local police and obtain a police report as soon as possible. You will need this report in order obtain replacement travel documents from the FCO and to make a successful claim on your travel insurance.
  • Contact the nearest British Embassy, High Commission or Consulate.

    Visit the FCO website for a list of British Embassies around the world including contact phone numbers and addresses.
  • Complete a LSO1 form in order to cancel your missing passport. This is important to prevent identity theft which is a growing crime.
  • The nearest British Embassy, High Commission or Consulate will be able to issue emergency travel documentation to enable you to return back to the UK.
  • Emergency documentation is generally only issued during standard office hours and a fee will be applied. On rare occasions documentation can be issued out of hours but an additional call out charge will also be applied.
  • If your whole family has lost their passports you will need to have emergency documentation for everyone, including babies and children to be able to return to the UK.
  • Once you return to the UK submit a travel insurance claim to recoup the cost of your emergency documentation, up to the amount shown in your policy schedule. You will need to supply a police report and evidence of the cost of any emergency documentation.

Travel insurance cover for loss of passport

The FCO provides assistance to enable you to travel back to the UK, by issuing emergency travel documentation; you need travel insurance to provide financial protection.

Travel insurance from provides cover for the reasonable costs of obtaining a replacement passport, up to the amount stated in your schedule of cover, to enable you to return back to the UK following the accidental loss or theft of your passport whilst outside of the UK.

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