Travel News » February 2013 » 82% of families planning overseas holiday, but will they buy travel insurance?

82% of families planning overseas holiday, but will they buy travel insurance?


According to a survey by Explore Research, conducted on behalf of Travel Weekly, four out of five families are likely to take an overseas holiday this year. But, the question is will they also be buying family travel insurance for their trip?

Explore's research showed that 82% of families asked were ‘very likely' or quite likely' to go on a family holiday overseas this year. This is great news for families who feel able to afford and enjoy a relaxing holiday abroad this year and also good news for the travel industry which has been struggling with a slump in sales over the last few years.

24% of holiday makers don't have travel insurance

However, according to separate research carried out by ABTA, there has been an alarming rise in the number of holiday makers travelling overseas without travel insurance over the last year.

Last year 24% of holiday makers travelled without travel insurance, increased from 20% in 2011. 31% of those questioned cited cost as a reason for not buying travel insurance for their holiday.

No travel insurance? You risk facing large medical bills

But travelling without travel insurance to save money could be a false economy. Remember you are insuring yourself as well as your holiday. If you fall ill or have an accident, which means you require medical treatment on holiday, you could face large medical bills if you do not have valid travel insurance. If you are uninsured you will be liable for the cost of the medical treatment you receive on holiday, which can quickly amount to thousands of pounds.

What about the EHIC?

If you are travelling to a country within the EU, carrying the EHIC proves your right to state provided healthcare in that country, but it's important to remember that not all countries provide healthcare to the extent that the NHS does, and it may not be free. The EHIC will also not cover treatment in private clinics or hospitals, or the cost of bringing you back to the UK by air ambulance.

So, wherever you are planning to take the family this year, make sure you buy family travel insurance before you leave the UK.

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