Travel News » July 2009

31/07/2009 -

Don't "do a Jamie", take out the right holiday insurance

30/07/2009 -

Holiday chief delivers strong travel insurance message

29/07/2009 -

French company launches "sunshine guarantee" travel insurance

28/07/2009 -

Looking to save money? Buy cheaper travel insurance

27/07/2009 -

Travel insurance vital as complaints against airlines soar

24/07/2009 -

Holidays to paradise island still protected by travel insurance

23/07/2009 -

Following the PM to the Lakes? Make sure you have travel insurance

22/07/2009 -

Rise in thefts from tourists makes travel insurance essential

21/07/2009 -

Worldwide travel insurance customers look for value for money destinations

18/07/2009 -

Swine flu victims must check their holiday insurance

17/07/2009 -

Travel insurance warning for risk-taking holidaymakers

16/07/2009 -

Put holiday insurance on your list of travel essentials

15/07/2009 -

Flying BA? Better make sure you've got holiday insurance

13/07/2009 -

Foreign Office warns of need for travel insurance for new flights to Tel Aviv

12/07/2009 -

Intrepid explorers require specialist travel insurance

10/07/2009 -

Check your travel insurance before running away from home

09/07/2009 -

Take a "paliday" to save cash but don't forget holiday insurance

08/07/2009 -

BA offers flexible holidays online but say "baaaah" to its travel insurance

07/07/2009 -

Parents urged to keep copy of children's gap year travel insurance

06/07/2009 -

Travel insurance clients offered accommodation for Euro 2012

03/07/2009 -

Buy worldwide travel insurance to fly from the City to Wall Street

01/07/2009 -

Travel insurance for a hole-in-one

01/07/2009 -

Families offered cheap travel insurance to cut cost of holidays

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