Travel News » April 2012

27/04/2012 -

FCO warns travellers that EHIC does not replace travel insurance

The EHIC does not cover all medical costs in Europe: find out why you still need travel insurance when travelling in Europe
25/04/2012 -

Travelling to the USA? Travel insurance is vital

Medical treatment in USA is notoriously expensive, if you don’t have travel insurance medical treatment could cost you 1000s of pounds.
12/04/2012 -

Summer of strikes: Travel insurance and delays due to strike action

With the continued risk of strike action affecting flights this summer it pays to buy travel insurance as soon as you book your holiday
11/04/2012 -

Indian Ocean Tourists Evacuated after Earthquake and Tsunami Fear

Tsunami warning after Indonesia earthquake affects Thailand, Singapore, Maldives and India. Travel insurance cover for earthquake and tsunami.

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