Travel News » July 2010

30/07/2010 -

Single parents need to know the law about taking their kids on holiday

29/07/2010 -

Cleaners at Luton Airport arrested for stealing from airport baggage

28/07/2010 -

Bullfighting in Spain is trampled by ban in Catalonia

27/07/2010 -

Going on holiday in Orlando? Check out Star Wars Celebration V

26/07/2010 -

Brits enjoy more affordable holidays in Europe

23/07/2010 -

FCO warns tourists on holiday in the Maldives to remain vigilant

22/07/2010 -

Holidays in Spain and France could be affected by strike action

21/07/2010 -

Goldtrail crisis centre opens for people on holiday in Turkey

20/07/2010 -

Number of Brits taking holidays abroad fell dramatically in 2009

19/07/2010 -

Thousands of holidaymakers affected by collapse of Goldtrail Holidays

16/07/2010 -

British tourists frequently run into trouble abroad

15/07/2010 -

New Zealand Cycle Trail promises great cycling holiday opportunities

14/07/2010 -

If you're on holiday in France, check out the Bastille Day celebrations

13/07/2010 -

Halifax launches Clarity card, deal for cheap holidays abroad

12/07/2010 -

Cheryl Cole puts malaria in the limelight after her holiday in Africa

09/07/2010 -

Two people gored in Pamplona Bull Run after two days of revelry

08/07/2010 -

FCO updates advice for people travelling to Thailand

07/07/2010 -

Full body scanner rejected by Dubai airports

06/07/2010 -

CurrencyFair could offer great foreign currency exchange rates

05/07/2010 -

Has the Calais booze cruise reached the end of the line?

02/07/2010 -

Budget airline Ryanair to provide vertical seats on flights

01/07/2010 -

Rise in holiday bookings thanks to England World Cup failure

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