Travel News » February 2012

22/02/2012 -

US Embassy warning British Nationals travelling to USA to register for ESTA early.

The US Embassy is advising British Nationals to allow extra time to get authorisation via the ESTA or apply for a visa, as their services will be limited during summer 2012
14/02/2012 -

Extreme Sports or Working Abroad? Make sure you have travel insurance cover

An accident in Australia which has left a woman in a coma & her parents with a bill of ?100,000, highlights the importance of getting travel insurance for sports & activities
09/02/2012 -

Why families are turning away from traditional family holidays

Families are turning away from traditional holidays in favour of cheaper more flexible alternatives.
08/02/2012 -

FCO Advise against all but essential travel to Maldives Capital

Following demonstrations the FCO is advising against travel to Maldives capital. Travelling against FCO advice could make your travel insurance void.

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