Travel News » June 2009

30/06/2009 -

Let travel insurance soothe your holiday sunburn

29/06/2009 -

Passengers stranded by cruise ship fire rescued by holiday insurance

26/06/2009 -

Score null points if you visit Norway's Eurovision Song Contest without holiday insurance

25/06/2009 -

UK travel insurance industry pays out 38 million for lost luggage

24/06/2009 -

Go topless on holiday and even your travel insurance won't be able to help you out

23/06/2009 -

Holiday firm offers free balloon rides ? but clients must have adequate holiday insurance

22/06/2009 -

Buddy up to save a fortune on flights and worldwide travel insurance

19/06/2009 -

Take the stress out of holiday with comprehensive travel insurance

18/06/2009 -

Laid-back Brits ignore health risks and holiday without travel insurance

17/06/2009 -

A safari without travel insurance doesn't bear thinking about

16/06/2009 -

Cruise clients benefit from free flights and affordable holiday insurance

15/06/2009 -

"Homads" get free holiday insurance

12/06/2009 -

Not content with costly travel insurance, Ryanair throws up new ideas to fleece passengers

11/06/2009 -

Couples offered free Caribbean weddings warned not to forget holiday insurance

10/06/2009 -

Save pounds in the Singapore Sale with cheap travel insurance

09/06/2009 -

Hurry to claim free holiday vouchers, worth more than the cost of travel insurance

08/06/2009 -

Travel firm launches "biggest sale for a century" but holiday insurance costs extra

05/06/2009 -

Star-gazers need worldwide travel insurance to see total eclipse

04/06/2009 -

European Union warns holidaymakers not to travel without holiday insurance

03/06/2009 -

Malta best value Eurozone destination - and holiday insurance comes cheap too!

02/06/2009 -

Air France Crash

02/06/2009 -

Brits waste millions on holidays but save pounds on travel insurance

01/06/2009 -

Airline strike threat alerts passengers to the need for travel insurance

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