Travel News » October 2008 » Air council voices passengers" worries

Air council voices passengers" worries


travel insurance customers, who used to make holiday decisions based on price, are now mainly concerned about financial protection and worry about airlines going bust according to the Air Transport Users Council.

Industry affairs manager James Fremantle said that people are mainly worried about prices rising because of the cost of fuel and so are "prepared to forego a bit of comfort just for cheap fares."

Mr Fremantle said the success of Ryanair proved this.

However, Trip Advisor's annual travel trends survey recently revealed that 30 per cent of Britons cited the airline as its least favourite company for the third year in a row.

This suggests that people will still travel this winter because they are prepared to lower their standards.

Despite fuel concerns, 69 per cent of British flight passengers said they will not be deterred travelling this winter and indeed over the next 12 months, by "unfavourable exchange rates".

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