Travel News » September 2009 » Be a daredevil but check your travel insurance first

Be a daredevil but check your travel insurance first


Britain's most famous bearded entrepreneur Richard Branson has plans to take travellers to the moon next year, but mere mortals without a stratospheric travel budget have some exciting options for holidays with a difference too.

Be aware that many of the activities featured below would not normally be covered by standard travel insurance policies. For some hazardous sports, such as skydiving, you might be able to get specialist travel insurance if these are carried out under the supervision of an instructor.

Before any attempting any dangerous activities on holiday, you should contact your travel insurance provider to make sure you are protected.

If you're fit and healthy, you could spend your next holiday climbing Everest or, if that's too extreme for you, one of the lower altitude mountains around the worlds, such as Mount Kilimanjaro or Mont Blanc. Get in touch with Reach Summit for a list of their forthcoming expeditions.

Reach Summit has some discounted expeditions and is currently offering 50€ off for treks in November.

Skydiving is right up there with travelling through space (we reckon) and a company called Activities Abroad organises holiday packages with instruction included. Beginners weekends in Spain will give you a taste for Skydiving and you can decide whether to take it up as your next holiday hobby.

Kitesurfing is only slightly less extreme and quite a lot more skilful. It's a new craze which involves using a kite to pull you across the sea while you try to balance on a board ? so it's like flying a kite and surfing. At the same time.

For a kitesurfing holiday, try Active Adventures which organises trips to the Canaries where the long safe and sandy beaches are ideal for kite surfing.

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