Travel News » October 2008 » Bonfire night warning to pet owners

Bonfire night warning to pet owners


A UK-based pet charity has urged pet owners to take steps to ensure their animals are safe on Bonfire Night.

Bonfire Night can be a particularly stressful time for pets, so owners should do all they can to ensure their animals are safe, according to one charity.

The Blue Cross has advised owners to keep their pets indoors and to create as calm an environment as possible and to ensure they are wearing ID tags or have been tagged so they can be easily identified if they do get out.

Pet insurance customers may be tempted to try to calm down anxious pets, but the charity warns against this, suggesting that such efforts may make animals think their owners are worried too.

Caroline Reay, chief vet at Blue Cross, said: "Frightened pets can resort to dangerous measures to escape the source of their fear.

"We are advising pet owners to provide dens and hideaways in safe places for their pets, and follow our tips for a stress-free fireworks season."

The Blue Cross aims to offer practical care to animals and to highlight the benefits of companionship between animals and people.

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