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Change in law for holiday drivers in Florida


All non-US citizens driving in Florida will now need to carry an International Driving Permit in addition to the license from their own country.

If you are going to Florida on holiday this new law could affect you.

The driving laws came into effect on 1st January this year, but are only now starting to be enforced by police.

ABTA, The Travel Association has stated “The Florida Department of Highway Safety and Motor Vehicles has advised that should drivers of rental cars in Florida be involved in an accident, or traffic offence or any other reason for interaction with the Florida Highway Patrol, they will be required to have an International Driving Permit in their possession.”

You should note that UK drivers will need to carry both the paper and photo card parts of their driving license, as well as the International Driving Permit whenever they are driving in the state of Florida.

International Driving Permits cost £5.50 and can be obtained from the Post Office, RAC and AA. You should allow plenty of time before your trip to organise your driving permit.

Whether you are planning on driving or not, travel insurance is vital for any trip to Florida and the USA.

The USA offers some of the best, yet most expensive medical treatment in the world, so if you fall ill or have an accident, the cost of emergency medical care can quickly mount up. If you don't have travel insurance for your holiday to the USA you could find yourself facing large medical bills.

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