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Dog owner launches appeal


The owners of a Great Dane-Newfoundland cross are appealing for help to pay for an operation that could save the dog's life.

According to the Daily Mail, the four-year-old dog named Samson, who is 6ft 6ins tall when standing on its back legs, has ruptured the cruciate ligament it its left hind leg and now needs a £1,400 operation.

However, owner Julie Woods, 54, said she is unable to afford the surgery and has now launched an appeal to raise the money.

"Samson is in crisis. Without the surgery it could end up being euthanasia. It really is quite desperate," she told the newspaper.

"We are very upset, we love him to bits," she added.

Pet charity PDSA has helped Samson's owners pay for vet bills, but is unable to cover the cost of the surgery.

The organisation recently said that those who are ineligible for PDSA-funded care ought to consider taking out pet insurance to ensure they are able to meet expensive vets' bills.

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