Travel News » December 2012 » Excessive drinking on holiday can lead to more than just a hangover

Excessive drinking on holiday can lead to more than just a hangover


With news today of a flight being diverted due to a drunken passenger being abusive to crew members, it feels like a good time to remind everyone to be aware of your limits and watch what you drink on holiday.

A Qantas flight from Sydney to Japan had to be diverted to Cairns after a drunk passenger punched and spat at crew members. The passenger was arrested by police in Cairns and now faces prosecution and a possible prison sentence for smoking in an aircraft, disorderly and offensive behaviour on an aircraft and interfering with crew.

He could also be charged with assault and it is believed that Qantas will be seeking to recover the significant costs associated with the unscheduled stop.

This is an extreme case, but it's important to be aware that if you are drunk and out of control it's not just a hangover you could be facing the next morning.

Being drunk can also affect your travel insurance cover.

We know that you want to relax and enjoy yourself when you go on holiday, and for many people that means having a few drinks, but you should be aware that excessive alcohol consumption could invalidate your travel insurance cover.

If an accident or injury occurs as a direct result of excessive drinking you could find yourself facing large medical bills.

We fully understand that for most of us having a few drinks is part of the fun of being on holiday, but you should know your limits and stick to them so that you don't put yourself or your companions in any unnecessary danger.

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