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Family holidays in Eastern Europe cost less than staying at home


A new survey has revealed that family holidays are cheaper in Eastern Europe than in the UK, with expenses for a stay in Bulgaria averaging £1,038 compared to expenses of £1,490 for a holiday in Brighton.

Ironically many Britons are believed to have stayed in the UK this year to save money, but they would have spent less if they had gone to Bulgaria, Hungary or Poland for a family holiday.

According to the research by Tesco Travel Money, fewer than 10 per cent of Brits will visit non-Euro countries this year, but a third will holiday in the UK ? even though it is more expensive.

Family holidays are most expensive in Reykjavik, Rome and Nice, says Tesco. Expenses for family holiday in Iceland would cost £2,602 a week.

Family holidays in popular hotspots such as Spain and Greece are also more expensive than in the UK.

A Tesco Travel Money spokesperson said anyone looking to take a late summer holiday should consider not only the cost of the package but also how much they will spend when they arrive.

There is a stark difference between eating out in Barcelona and Cyprus for example and if families really want to holiday on a shoe string then they need to do their research to really make their money go further.""

A family holiday for two adults and two children would cost £1,085 in Poland,£1,229 in Hungary and £1,294 in Slovenia.

Car hire is cheaper in the UK than anywhere else included in the research however and a meal for a family of four is cheaper on the holiday island of Cyprus than anywhere else, including non-Euro destinations.

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