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Family holidays on the rise


The current economic conditions are prompting many people to take family holidays in order to save money, a travel insurance provider has reported.

Saga travel Insurance found that although 50 per cent of children choose to give up family holidays by the time they reach the age of 16 such excursions could be "making a comeback".

The firm discovered that 44 per cent of people are planning to go on holiday with their parents, of which a third said they were doing so either to save money or to have help with babysitting.

"It is encouraging that a positive outcome of the credit crunch hitting younger travellers could be that families, including grandparents, are getting to spend more time together," Andrew Goodsell, chief executive of Saga said.

The company advised those travelling in groups to consider the type of insurance required to meet their needs.

Holidaymakers planning to go away over the next few months may want to consider taking out winter travel insurance, while one expert suggested people who take several trips a year may make savings by purchasing annual cover.

Sally Leeman, media relations manager for Norwich Union, said annual travel insurance can be "ideal" for people who take spur of the moment trips.

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