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Family takes legal action over holiday


A Hull family is considering taking legal action after being struck down by illness while on holiday.

A family from Hull is considering taking legal action after their holiday was ruined by illness, travel insurance customers may be interested to learn.

Mark Thompson and his family were staying in a five-star hotel in Egypt's Shark Bay when they, along with a number of other guests were struck by illness the Hull Daily Mail reports.

It is claimed that the hotel served food that was not prepared properly.

The group was so ill they were unable to go on sightseeing trips, the newspaper notes.

Mr Thompson told the paper that he could not describe his family's disappointment at how their holiday turned out.

"I wanted to see the sights of Egypt but it simply wasn't possible as we were all so ill," he remarked.

He added: "It was not my idea of a good holiday especially seeing my children so ill."

Having paid £1,726 for their trip, the family are now planning to take legal action against the Concord el Salam Sport.

Malcolm Tarling, a spokesperson for the Association of British insurers, recently said that travel insurance policies will usually cover holidays that are cancelled due to specified events, such as illness.

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