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Further airline failures predicted: Protect your holiday with


The importance of financial protection against insolvency has been highlighted again as BA Boss and other airline industry leaders have warned of further airline failures this year.

Willie Walsh, chief executive of International Airlines Group, which owns BA has stated that he expects to see consolidation of the airline industry this year including the failure of some weaker airlines who don't have the ability to ride out high oil prices.

One way of protecting your holiday for the financial failure of an airline or other holiday supplier is to make sure that your travel insurance includes cover for insolvency, often called Scheduled Airline Failure. Scheduled Airline Failure provides cover for the insolvency of a holiday supplier for elements of a holiday that don't form part of a bonded package.

The good news is that includes Scheduled Airline Failure (Insolvency Cover) on all of our travel insurance policies. So whether you choose, Silver, Gold or Platinum travel insurance cover, you will have protection for the insolvency of your airline or other holiday supplier.

Having insolvency cover or scheduled airline failure as part of your travel insurance means that in the event that your airline did become insolvent before you travelled you would be able to makes a claim on your travel insurance to recoup the cost, enabling you to re-book your flights with another airline and still take your holiday as planned.

If a holiday suppler was to become insolvent whilst you were away on holiday, travel insurance with scheduled airline failure would provide cover for additional costs incurred to allow you to continue your holiday or return home to the UK.

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