Travel News » September 2009 » Holidaymakers urged to check their travel insurance in latest swine flu warning

Holidaymakers urged to check their travel insurance in latest swine flu warning


Fears that a second wave of the swine flu pandemic is about to strike have prompted the World Tourism Organisation to warn holidaymakers to check their travel insurance.

At a two-day review held in Madrid last week, officials said travellers should make sure they were insured for unforeseen flu related costs in case they fall sick during their trip.

As the second wave of the virus will coincide with the beginning of the normal flu season in the northern hemisphere this autumn, the number of casualties - including the number of holidaymakers falling victim - could possibly be higher than those seen so far.

The World Tourism Organisation (WHO) said travellers should be vigilant about their own health, stay informed and follow fundamental hygiene precautionary measures such as frequent hand washing.

It also emphasised at the two-day review last week that holidaymakers should make sure they buy travel insurance that will cover their medical bills if they become ill while overseas.

Travel insurance policies normally provide cover for emergency medical care for any unforeseen illnesses, including swine flu that occur overseas. Insurewithease policies also provide for repatriation, if necessary.

WHO said anyone experiencing symptoms immediately before, during or after a trip should seek medical advice. Anyone forced to cancel their holiday should be able to claim a refund from their travel insurance but if they travel against a doctor's advice they may not be covered for medical care overseas.

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