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Homes away from home


With more and more families having to shelve their holiday plans due to the recession, now could be a good time for some people to consider a home-swap holiday, where they exchange their home in the UK for someone else's overseas.

There are several home exchange companies which can help people to find the ideal exchange. All have websites where you can see what's available where and advertise your own property.

Intervac Vacation Exchange is appealing because it offers a money-back guarantee if you don't find someone with whom to swap within 12 months. You can view tens of thousands of properties on its website and there's no charge just to look.

When you commit to membership and add your own property you can contact the property owners with a view to organising an exchange.

Homelink has members in 70 countries. It has a secure messaging system for members to contact one another. You can see what's available on its website and speak to an advisor.

Homelink features all properties in a paper directory as well as on its website.

Home Base Holidays provides some of the most detailed descriptions of homes to swap and includes up to eight colour photos for each on its website. It is also one of the cheapest home swap companies around and you can find someone to swap with in many exotic locations around the world.

Remember to tell your home insurance company before going ahead with a home exchange and check that you will still be covered for theft if your property is occupied by a stranger.

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