Travel News » October 2008 » Lifelong ban still stands for animal cruelty woman

Lifelong ban still stands for animal cruelty woman


The woman at the root of the RSPCA's biggest ever animal cruelty rescue haul has had her appeal to lift her lifelong animal ban quashed, it has been reported.

Lancashire woman Rosalind Gregson paid £5,000 in expenses to be told at a Preston magistrates court hearing that her ban remained, the Lakeland Echo reports.

Mrs Gregson was convicted of animal cruelty in 2005 when RSPCA officers removed 246 dogs, seven cats and 16 birds from her Silverdale home.

Deputy Chief Inspector of the RSPCA Simon Small said: "We still believe Mrs Gregson poses a risk to the animals in her care."

The RSPCA works to put a stop to animal cruelty and is obliged to investigate any form of complaint.

Figures of investigations carried out steadily rise every year with the number reaching 122,454 in 2006.

Pet insurance customers can contact the RSPCA with any queries about animal welfare and the measures to take to ensure pets are healthy and well looked after.

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