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New pet hospital opened


Pet insurance customers may be set to benefit from access to the latest veterinary treatment following the opeing of a new pet hospital in Liverpool.

Veterinary charity PDSA has opened the new Kirkdale PetAid hospital, named the Jeanne Marchig Centre, which is intended to treat hundreds of animals every day.

Setting up the hospital cost approximately £1.5 million and it is the most advanced PDSA facility in the UK.

According to Stephen McArdle, senior veterinary surgeon at the hospital, it is the culmination of "years of hard work, determination and fundraising".

"So many pet owners rely on PDSA PetAid services, the staff and I are excited to start work in our new, state-of-the-art PetAid hospital," he commented.

The PDSA recently reported a ten per cent increase in the number of pets receiving treatments at its PetAid hospitals and branches in the last year.

It said that pet owners who are ineligible for PDSA-funded care may want to consider taking out pet insurance to enable them to cope with expensive vets' bills.

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