Travel News » December 2007 » New Zealand named top travel destination

New Zealand named top travel destination


New Zealand has been named the UK's favourite international holiday destination in the Daily Telegraph Travel Awards 2007.

Backpackers and luxury seekers alike have in fact named Antipodean countries in no less than the top three spots, bumping both the US and Europe from the list.

This marks a change from ten years ago, when New York and San Francisco were number deemed first and second best respectively. Now the US features only one city in the top ten, despite favourable dollar exchange rates and high-profile advertising campaigns featuring no less than Bobby de Niro - to promote the Big Smoke's ubiquitous yellow taxis.

Travel experts say increased security restrictions and even US foreign policy is to blame, with British travellers looking for the idyllic joys of the Maldives' beaches and the sumptuous scenery of the Kiwis' homeland.

The travel industry say this generally points to a more adventurous inclination when people plan their annual break, with Brits increasingly happy to travel to far flung locations whether in first class with a stack of Louis Vuitton luggage or budgeting with a tent and rucksack.

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