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Parrot steals from British tourist on holiday


A recent report by the Daily Record telling the story of a Scottish man who had his money stolen by a parrot highlights the importance of having travel insurance to protect your money and personal possessions on holiday - you never know when a criminal may strike!

Peter Leach said that the cheeky parrot stole hundreds of dollars from his campervan and was witnessed by a passing Canadian couple.

Mr. Leach had left the windows on the camper van open whilst he stopped to take photos at a beauty spot in New Zealand, including one of the parrot!

Whilst he was distracted the bird took a bag of cash from the dashboard of the vehicle.

Mr. Leach had to endure laughter from officers as he reported the incident to the police in order obtain a report and make a claim on his travel insurance for the lost cash.

Travel insurance cover for personal money and cash

Most travel insurance provides cover for the loss of theft of your personal money whilst you are on holiday, you should consult your policy wording for the full details.

Travel insurance from can cover personal money up to £750 on Platinum policies (cash limit £400), £500 on Gold policies (cash limit £200) and £150 on Silver travel insurance policies.

To minimise the risk of theft or loss you should take good care of your money on holiday; keep it on your person or in a locked safe.

If your money is lost or stolen on holiday you should report it to the local police as soon as possible and obtain a written police report. You will need this to make a claim on your travel insurance when you return home.

Find out about making a travel insurance claim for lost or stolen property.

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