Travel News » October 2008 » Pet owners advised to animal-proof their homes

Pet owners advised to animal-proof their homes


A vet at the People's Dispensary for Sick Animals hospital in Swansea has urged pet owners to safeguard their homes from objects that could be potentially dangerous to animals.

Simon Tollet recently treated a collie crossbreed that had been vomiting and experiencing trouble eating and drinking, the BBC reported.

He noticed a large round shadow when he took an X-ray of Koda the collie's stomach.

And when he performed an operation to investigate Mr Tollet pulled out an inch-diameter bright pink plastic bouncy ball.

For people to avoid having to make avoidable pet insurance claims, the vet urged: "Look around your home and garden and always make sure anything potentially unsafe is well out of reach."

He added that pet owners should only provide their animals with soft large toys that cannot be swallowed.

This week was the RSPCA's Community Animal Action Week Initiative in Wales which saw officers visit the homes of pet owners to dispense free advice on animal care.

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