Travel News » April 2009 » Pirates Hijack Seychelles Tourist Boat

Pirates Hijack Seychelles Tourist Boat


The hijacking in the Indian Ocean of a luxury yacht regularly used by British holidaymakers has raised fears that pirates are increasingly targeting tourists.

The Indian Ocean Explorer was seized off the Seychelles just hours after a group of holidaymakers had left the boat. It is believed to have been taken to the Somali coast.

Fer, though there were still crew onboard at the time of its capture.

An international naval force, including ships from the Royal Navy, has been patrolling the waters close to Somalia since January, after more than 100 vessels were hijacked there last year.

As a result, pirates have ventured further into the Indian Ocean. Pirates demand ransoms for the captured ships.

Only last month, a British tourist was killed by three Burmese pirates who hijacked his boat off the coast of Thailand.

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