Travel News » October 2008 » RSPCA house visits to UK pet owners

RSPCA house visits to UK pet owners


Pet owners in North Wales will benefit this week from expert advice on how to look after animals as part of the RSPCA's Community Animal Action Week Initiative.

RSPCA officers will join forces with staff from other local organisations to visit homes across communities offering guidance, free or discounted microchipping and neutering vouchers.

The charity's chief inspector Basil Farrant said: "The sole aim is to provide assistance for anyone who needs it and to prevent animal welfare problems from occurring."

Pet insurance customers will be given tips on how to keep animals healthy in order to promote the importance of animal welfare and not just to keep premiums low.

There is at least one case of animal cruelty every 25 seconds in England and Wales, according to the RSPCA.

In order to meet the RSPCA's minimum welfare standards animals must be given a balanced diet, a suitable place to live with a blanket, protection from injury and sickness and the chance to play and exercise.

By adhering to the legal requirements of the Animal Welfare Act, pet insurance customers can save on their premiums and give pets good lives.

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