Travel News » October 2008 » Ryanair calls for German airlines to cut "unfair" surcharges

Ryanair calls for German airlines to cut "unfair" surcharges


Ryanair has appealed to two German airlines to cut their fuel surcharges as the cost of oil falls to $60 (£39) per barrel.

Europe's largest low fares airline said that Air Berlin and Lufthansa's surcharges were "unfair" and called to have them reduced by at least 50 per cent to reflect the fall in oil prices.

Ryanair accused the German airlines, which increased surcharges when oil was $140 a barrel, of overcharging travel insurance customers.

The low-cost airline, which is experiencing rapid growth in Germany plans to carry nine million passengers to the country this year via its 137 routes.

Ryanair chief Michael O'Leary also hit out at BP last week, calling upon the Office of Fair Trading to investigate his accusations of the fuel company's "profiteering" at Belfast and Glasgow airports.

Director of legal and regulatory affairs at Ryanair Jim Callaghan defended holidaymakers saying: "At a time of recession, when consumer confidence is collapsing, this kind of blatant abuse by a massively profitable oil company cannot be accepted.".

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