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September named pet insurance month


September has been named National Pet Health Insurance Month in Canada, in a bid to educate owners of four-legged friends about this financial product.

Animal health insurance firm Petsecure and a number of other industry partners are sponsoring the initiative and helping to promote the benefits of taking out this type of cover.

Randy Valpy, president and chief operating officer of Petsecure, noted that the pet insurance industry is growing at a rate of 25 per cent a year.

He added that a study by the American Animal Hospital Association recently found that 75 per cent of pet owners are prepared to get into debt to ensure their animals' wellbeing.

The pet insurance expert stressed that while this is commendable it is not a necessary sacrifice.

"Because pet health insurance helps pay veterinary fees for unexpected accidents and illnesses, more people are able to make healthcare decisions based on [the] best course or treatment rather than finances," Mr Valpy explained.

In related news, a survey by Tesco Pet Insurance has recently revealed that domestic animals in the UK are the second most insured in the world, after those in Sweden.

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