Travel News » September 2010 » Singapore's Changi Airport adds huge slide to Terminal 3's arrivals hall

Singapore's Changi Airport adds huge slide to Terminal 3's arrivals hall


Changi Airport is regularly voted as the world's best airport, and it's easy to see why. Changi Airport has a cinema, butterfly garden and rooftop swimming pool, and it's now added a huge slide to its list of fun activities.

The slide, located in the arrivals hall of Terminal 3, is the tallest slide in Singapore. It's also the tallest airport slide in the world. Visitors that spend around £15 in Changi Airport will be given two tokens to redeem on the slide. There are actually two slides. For the main slide you need to be at least 1.3 metres tall and over the age of seven, and for the smaller slide you must be over the age of five and over 1.1 metres tall.

The slides at Changi Airport are open from 12pm to 10:30pm every day, and they are designed to cheer people up while they're waiting for their departure or waiting for friends and family to arrive.

Changi Airport also has a Rest & Relax exhibition, which showcases comfy perches from world class designers. The exhibition runs until 12 October 2010 in Terminal 2.

The Changi Airport Nature Trail is a great way to relax while waiting for your flight. You might even forget you're in an airport! The Butterfly Garden is the first of its kind in an airport, complete with a waterfall, butterfly breeding area and tropical pitcher plants. There is also a Cactus Garden with 40 species of the prickly plant, a Fern Garden and an Orchid Garden. There's even a Fragrant Garden to tease your senses.

Changi Airport also offers an aviation gallery with interactive displays, a children's playground, art classes and arcade games in Zone X. And Changi Airport has particularly good rest areas if you need a quick kip before your flight.

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