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Ski insurance: Cover your own ski equipment up to £2000


If you are a keen skier or snowboarder and you take your own skis or snowboard with you on your ski trip, you'll need to make sure they are properly insured.

Whilst most ski insurance does provide cover for the loss, theft or damage of your own ski equipment, the cover can be limited. This may be fine for the majority of skiers and boarders who rent their equipment or have had a pair of skis or snowboard for a number of years. But if you are a real enthusiast with top quality, up to date equipment, you may find that standard ski insurance falls short in this area.

Upgrade for Ski Equipment Cover up to £2000* provides the option to upgrade your ski insurance policy to, Winter Sports with Increased Equipment Cover, which provides up to £2000* of insurance cover for your own ski or snowboard equipment. If you shop around for ski insurance you will soon find that this level of cover for your ski equipment is hard to beat.

We still sell our standard ski insurance, with cover for ski equipment up to £500, because that is suitable for many skiers, and there's no point paying for ski insurance cover that you don't need.But if you are a real enthusiast with expensive equipment, choose our Winter Sports with Increased Equipment Cover option to get cover for your skis or board etc. up to £2000* (single article limit £1000). For only a few pounds extra you will have the peace of mind that your beloved skis or snowboard are insured for loss, theft or accidental damage.

Simply get a quote for ski insurance, choose between Silver, Gold or Platinum cover, then when you get to the policy options page add Winter Sports with Increased Equipment Cover to your policy, it's just a few pounds more than our standard cover.

Our ski insurance starts at just £15.50 for a week in France.

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*Claims under the winter sports equipment section of the policy are subject to a depreciation scale; please see our policy wording for full details.

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