Travel News » September 2009 » Storm-struck travellers advised to check their worldwide travel insurance policy

Storm-struck travellers advised to check their worldwide travel insurance policy


Thousands of travellers stranded in a dust storm in Australia are being urged to check their travel insuranceworldwide travel insurance policies to see if they are covered for a catastrophe of this nature.

Catastrophe cover which is generally included in the more comprehensive worldwide travel insurance premiums, will pay the cost of alternative accommodation or flights home.

Travellers may also be able to claim compensation from their worldwide travel insurance for delays to flights, which have been held up by the dust storm in Sydney and along Australia's east coast.

Australian airline Qantas said there were severe delays to its flights to and from domestic and international airports, which means thousands of passengers are unable to get in to or out of the affected area.

Flights to Sydney have been diverted to Brisbane or Melbourne.

The airline said on Wednesday that people making non-essential trips should reconsider their travel plan.

Travellers forced to delay their trips should consult their worldwide travel insurance or contact their policy provider to check their level of cover and what they need to do if they want to make a claim.

The thick red dust, blowing in from the desert has covered Sydney and reached as far as southern Queensland.

Air pollution levels in Sydney are the highest since records began, children and the elderly have been advised to stay indoors and emergency services have reported a rise in the number of people being treated for breathing problems.

Anyone with a pre-existing medical condition planning to travel to the area, whose might be adversely affected by the dust should contact their worldwide travel insurer to check if they will be covered for any emergency treatment over there.

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