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Take advantage of the perks of National Cruise Week


It's National Cruise Week this week and many cruise operators are offering some great deals. National Cruise Week celebrates the cruise industry boom that has hit the travel market this year. The number of Brits taking a cruise this year has risen by around 7% on last year's figures. Throughout 2010 there have also been a number of new cruise liners hitting the high seas to meet the demand.

This year the aviation industry has been hit with a number of setbacks including the volcanic ash cloud and air strikes around Europe, which has persuaded holidaymakers to seek different types of holidays that don't involve flying, such as cruises.

National Cruise Week runs until 26 September, when the value and variety of cruises will be showcased throughout the industry. Some cruise operators are offering one lucky traveller the chance to win a refund on a cruise that has been bought during National Cruise Week. Cruise and Maritime Voyages, P&O, MSC and NCL are all taking part. Meanwhile, Crystal Cruises and Orion Expedition Cruises are offering free flights on some of their cruise packages.

There are many other great offers available during National Cruise Week, and has more details of some of the deals that are up for grabs. They also have a comprehensive list of National Cruise Week events that are taking place all over the country.

Cruise holidays have a number of benefits. They can be a great way to meet like-minded people and cruise ship passengers are often more sociable with strangers than holidaymakers at inland resorts. On a cruise, you can visit multiple destinations with ease, whilst having a range of amenities on your doorstep. Restaurants, bars and shops on board cruise ships are often very good. And there's usually a swimming pool, gym and sauna to relax in.

If you are planning to book a cruise, don't forget to buy comprehensive travel insurance that includes cover for cruises.

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