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Travelling Without Insurance Is False Economy


Research from comparison website, reveals nearly two-thirds of Britons recklessly refuse to take out travel insurance when going on holiday.

The survey further reveals that one in 12 holidaymakers never take out travel insurance and almost half of those asked would unwisely fail to insure themselves for a holiday in the UK.

Travel insurance for a week in Guernsey for a family of four costs from just £10 with Insurewithease which tops's league table for this type of insurance.

""I'm shocked at the amount of Brits willing to travel uninsured said travel insurance manager Maxine Baker.

Our research reveals a worrying trend that could lead to horror stories of huge medical bills or worse.""

""We are all looking to cut down our outgoings at the moment but forgoing travel insurance could be a costly false economy and certainly not something I would recommend as a way to save money.""

The poll reveals younger holiday-makers are the worst culprits for travelling insurance-free; over half of Brits under thirty would travel uninsured in the UK - compared with 38 per cent of the over-70's.

""Travel insurance is crucial and by taking out adequate protection you and your family can travel with the peace of mind that the cover is in place if you need it added Ms Baker.

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