Travel News » October 2008 » Twiggy takes to the runway for Greyhound Trust

Twiggy takes to the runway for Greyhound Trust


Pet insurance customers looking to add to their families may want to consider choosing a retired greyhound as they make "perfect pets", according to one organisation.

The Retired Greyhound Trust made its claim during a campaign launched by fashion icon Twiggy to raise awareness of the need for homes for greyhounds.

Accompanied by a retired racing greyhound named Jazz, Twiggy took to the runway at Harrods' annual Pet-a-Porter fashion show.

Jazz, who used to race at the Walthamstow track, wore an outfit designed by Ben de Lisi, the trust stated.

It commented: "The leggy pair now aim to show that there is more to greyhounds than track racing and spread the word that these handsome hounds make perfect pets, not to mention catwalk stars!"

The Retired Greyhound Trust was set up in 1975 to find homes for greyhounds that no longer race.

So far to date, it has re-homed nearly 40,000 dogs across the UK.

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