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Volcanic ash disrupts flights in NZ: Travel insurance and volcanic ash


An unexpected volcanic eruption in New Zealand highlights the importance of buying travel insurance with volcanic ash cloud cover.

A number of flights in New Zealand have been disrupted by a volcanic ash cloud caused by the unexpected eruption of Mount Tongariro, which has been dormant for over a century.

Highways in the area have also been closed due to poor visibility and the volcanic ash cloud is currently blowing east towards the Pacific Ocean.Mount Tongariro, which is one of three volcanoes in the centre of the North Island of New Zealand, became active just before midnight local time, with reports of loud explosions, spewing rocks, steam and large amounts of volcanic ash.

Experts admitted that this volcanic eruption has caught them by surprise. They had seen some seismic activity over recent weeks but had not expected the volcano to erupt.

The unexpected nature of this volcanic eruption and the disruption caused by the ash cloud highlights the importance of buying travel insurance with cover for volcanic ash clouds and other natural disasters.

At we have noticed that sales of our Natural Catastrophe (Volcanic Ash) Cover has fallen in recent months as the memory of the Icelandic volcanic ash cloud disruption of 2010 begin to fade, but this latest, unexpected eruption highlights how unpredictable the forces of nature can be. You never know when a volcano may erupt which could threaten the smooth running of your holiday transport.

Our Natural Catastrophe (Volcanic Ash) Cover can be added to any of our single trip or annual travel insurance policies. It provides additional cover for cancellation, delay and additional expenses incurred due to unexpected natural events such as volcanic ash, earthquakes, tsunamis and hurricanes.In order to be covered by your travel insurance in the event that your holiday is disrupted by volcanic ash or another natural disaster, you must have purchased your travel insurance policy with natural catastrophe cover before the volcano erupts.

As nature is unpredictable it pays to make sure you are always covered by adding Natural Catastrophe (Volcanic Ash) cover to your travel insurance policy every time you travel.

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