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Website offers new weigh to calculate luggage allowance


With news that budget airline Ryanair is increasing its baggage charges again, not to mention all the exorbitant fees for extras like travel insurance, priority boarding and check in, holidaymakers must feel they need a degree to work out which airline is the cheapest.

So it's a jolly good job an algebra teacher has launched a website that automatically calculates your baggage allowance, including limits on hand luggage and charges for excess bags.

What isn't able to do is compare airlines side by side, nor does it show how much they charge for travel insurance and all the other ancillary products carriers try to flog passengers while they are booking their flights.

Also, the site, is still in its infancy, so not all airlines and not all routes are featured yet.

It is however a good tool to use to find out an airline's luggage policy ? which is often not revealed on their own websites until would-be passengers have clicked through to the booking page.

Passengers should also remember that in addition to charging extra for bags, the so-called low-cost airlines also charge a high premium for travel insurance.

Some carriers, including easyJet, automatically add the cost of their (expensive) travel insurance to each booking and passengers must click on a box if they want to exclude it.

Passengers can save money by buying cheaper travel insurance online but they should remember to do this as soon as they book their flights or packages.

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